12 Days of Xmas Cards Day 4

I had a friend over for cards making one day and she loves glitter. So of course my entire apartment was covered in glitter by the time we were done, including the toilet. And the cat. I decided to show her how to responsibly glitter a card without making the recipient hate you for receiving a glitter bomb.

These are super quick, easy and really neat. I love shaker cards. Just glue a sentiment to your paper, cut a piece of vellum to cover it, sew around 3 sides. Then fill it with a variety of sequins and glitter. Sew up the top and you’re done! And the recipient of your card gets to enjoy playing with the glittery card without fear of glittering everything. I would have made more but I ran out of vellum. These cards also inspired an idea for another set of cards, come back tomorrow to see them.




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