Monogrammed E-book Reader Cover DIY

Monogrammed E-book Cover

A cover for my Kobo has been on my to do list for a little while now. I’m happy I took the plunge to make it, as now my Kobo is safer and my cover turned out exactly like I was picturing it! I love it when that happens!

You can make this to cover any device or tablet! All you need is:
-cereal box board
-leather/outside cover fabric (you can do burlap, jean, whatever)
-coordinating inside liner fabric
-spray adhesive/glue gun
-gold covered elastic (I got mine from the dollar store, if you can’t find any you can look at thin hair elastics?)
-2 large buttons
-thread and needle
-sewing machine (optional)
-black flat elastic
-fabric paint
-stencil material

1. Lay your device on the cereal board and trace around it. Cut two of those out.
2. Place the 2 pieces of board on the inside of the cover fabric, like so, and cut 1″ around:

3. Spray adhesive on the back of the cereal box and attach it to the fabric. Trim the corners.
4. Spray the inside edges of the cover fabric with adhesive. Fold in all the edges.
5. Punch two holes on either side for the front and back buttons (use a paper piercer or something similar. I just used a push pin). Sew the buttons to the outsides (leave them a tiny bit loose for the elastic).

6. Put a little but of hot glue under one of the buttons (either the front or back button, both work, personal preference) and put the ends of a loop of gold elastic in the glue, then sandwich the ends between the button and the cover.
7. Cut a piece of liner fabric to be the width and height to completely cover the inside to the edges. Hem the edges of the fabric with one fold (or just fold and iron over and glue that way if you don’t have a sewing machine and don’t want to hand stitch). Spray the inside of the liner fabric with spray adhesive, and place it centered on the inside.
8. Place your device and measure how much elastic you will need per corner. Glue the elastic like so:

9. Design your monogram in Studio. I went for a simple A using Janda Celebration font with a tiny bit of external offset (about 0.013) applied in Studio to thicken the really thin loops.
10. If you are planning on re-using your stencil, use Silhouette America’s stencil material. This post has en excellent tutorial on how to use it. If not, here my trick for making a 1 time use stencil from scrap cardstock for letters that have an inside bit like A B D O, etc. This works for any compound shape that you want to stencil.

First cut it out normally with the your cutting machine. Take the shape that you want to be the painted part and apply some repositionable adhesive to the back. Place it where you want the paint to be. Then do the same thing with the “holes”, putting them where they are supposed to be. Last, apply adhesive to the outside stencil and place it. Then remove the part where you want paint. Apply paint through the stencil, let dry, and remove the stencil.

That’s it!

Show me your DIY or personalized E-book cover!


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